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What and how to read, watch, listen about self-improvement?

Many books have been written. Lots of. In different traditions and different people. People go through different stages and phases during their life. The ideological picture is being modified, there are changes in ideas, reactions to various events. And there are those for whom these changes almost do not occur during their lives. They talk about different levels.

Since antiquity, it has become clear that for unprepared minds, there are topics about which it is too early and useless to talk about. It is necessary to mature... How to mature? Where is it taught? How do people differ in the presence of mind structures? What does it mean, the levels of purity of consciousness?

Only after that, are the teachings of the next level of awareness given? Who defines these criteria?

Some of the teachings have always been, in all traditions, forbidden to be passed on to the unprepared. This practice has been preserved to this day in all serious schools. Mass transfer, no one succeeded ... Otherwise, everyone would be awakened masters. There are clear stages of purification of consciousness that any person goes through. No one can give or give this. It can partially help in this process, but it cannot give or give. Most of it is up to you!

Who wrote modern books about different methods of self-improvement? But almost not one of the prophets, realized masters, has not written books himself. Almost everything was written, as a rule, by his followers and most through the centuries. Many of the prophets whose teachings spread did not even know how to write themselves, were generally illiterate. Oral transmission has always been more important than any texts, but… Energy processes in…

Much in the texts was deliberately omitted or written in the Smriti language.

Therefore, there is a saying that the teaching of another fool is only to the detriment. Here the question arises, what kind of teaching are we talking about? There are teachings that confuse, harm, and there are teachings that, on the contrary, help to purify, unravel. That is, there are differences not only in the teachings, but also in who they are written for !!! To whom and what is useful, when and why.

For the basic entry level, in order to prepare, we have selected the most interesting and accessible for the perception of a modern person literature, audio and video films of lectures and practices. We tried to make a program for people regardless of their education, religious predilections, beliefs and give an independent review of concepts and approaches, with an emphasis on holistic recovery. General holistic recovery begins with a general harmonization at all levels. Despite the absence in the world of a single, consistent, clear scheme that is absolutely suitable for everyone, there are stages and their signs. For each stage there is a certain literature that a person likes and information that is deposited from the whole mass of the received.

This explains so many theories and religions. For each group, country, nation, there used to be different levels. Thanks to the current situation in the world, the Internet, new opportunities for education and movement, a new need has arisen for understanding the essence. Particular cases become of little interest to a modern person.

There is a question of efficiency and usefulness from this or that literature.

It is not immediately possible to competently figure out for yourself which books, films you need to use your time for, and which ones you don’t. Our library contains books, audio and video films with lectures and teachings that most directly contribute to a change in human consciousness. In Skype, we organize and conduct consultations with various masters who have already passed such stages and can prompt, give competent advice. This is an amazing opportunity to hear different opinions of experts from different schools and directions.

We were often asked for advice, what exactly is better to read? They answered that: in different cases in different ways, here is a large list ... People, seeing a list of hundreds of books, were simply frightened by the huge volume. There are also language issues...
But everything depends not only on language proficiency, the main thing is on the degree of readiness ...!!! The presence of different constructions of the mind, the purity of consciousness from pollution, ... Different people need and use different books, depending on the level ..... We consider this issue with each person, student of the Academy individually!
The only common requirement is to obtain at least the pleasure of reading and, at the most, progress in personal quest.

At the end of the past century, there were few books on teachings, practices. Here, the word "practice" means a non-trivial experience of finding oneself. We began to consistently collect books, make films, creating a special library as an integral non-sectarian system for working on ourselves. At this point, collected different authors, different schools and trends. We specifically recommend different masters to eliminate the possibility of sectarian jams and dependencies. Many authors from different schools one way or another created "non-linear texts", as well as various methods and technologies of human development. But there is something in common and that is the essence of all teachings. But one must understand that only through reading books and studying texts, so far no one succeeded ... But as a stage, this information is useful and needs to be mastered.

We did not have the goal of collecting as many books as possible, but the goal was to collect such texts that would be able to "hook" a person in any phase of the development of his intellect, as well as in any period of the development of his worldview models. This goal has been achieved. The next goal is the "transformation" of the collected material. Quantity turns into quality.

Today we offer training at the Academy of Human Health to be considered as work on oneself. The 21st century is the century of total consumption of information. There is an avalanche-like process of replacing the Action with the "Imagination of the Action" (yes, I would go there, but it's clear that there will be such and such). That is, a person in the outside world creates an increasingly dense information flow, and this same flow forms his inner world and the inner world of new generations. There is a massive development of Intellect - the ability to operate with information units and information flows. Hence the replacement of a natural Action by an imaginary one according to the laws of the Intellect. The main property of the information flow being created is linearity, duality, growth: from smaller to larger, from worse to better. The linear ability of the intellect creates all technical devices, as well as objects and things. But it also degenerates a person as a biological system and creates the danger of global catastrophes. In the library, most of the books contain a different information property - non-linearity. It is the acquisition of this property by the intellect that creates the fundamental prerequisites for the rebirth of the whole person. The complex non-linear systems of human rebirth are also presented in the library in the form of two ancient Teachings, which have retained their essence to our time.

It is advisable to realize only one rule: as long as there is a denial of at least something, one's own essence is not integral. Negation is not what is expressed in words, negation is a State. The whole entity manifests itself through the State of Total Acceptance.

The consumption of information, as well as the need for the consumption of information, are the developed properties of a person in the 21st century. If we consider training at the Academy of Human Health as a system for human development, then, using the need to consume information, there is an attempt to lay in a person, in the most familiar way for him, other information structures. But not every text is "suitable" for every person. Some read only detective stories, others only sutras. We offer the MIDDLE WAY. And this very accurately reflects the degree of formation of the inner world of a person. The more complex, the more detailed the inner world of a person is worked out, the more harmoniously different properties are manifested in it, the more adequate, richer and more interesting this person is. At some stage, “instruction texts” will be of particular importance, that is, texts with the maximum number of thoughts per unit area, texts that act as information convolutions that bloom and unpack when they enter the mature neural environment. It is these texts that ideally evoke immediate Understanding and Action. And these are the texts we choose.

If some text is incomprehensible to a person, then this is evidence of a person’s lack of ability to perceive those information moves that are offered by the text. And, therefore, this is a chance to develop a new ability in yourself. This chance may or may not be used. The second is a habitual move at any level of human development, designed to maintain the "existing balance". No one will force you to read! The conditions do not push against the wall, which means that the motivation to understand should be the purest. Hence the conclusion: trying to understand incomprehensible texts is the process of development.

If some text is understandable to a person and causes pleasure, then this is a signal of compliance with the acquired experience, as well as a signal of affirmation and strengthening of the existing state of affairs. In this case, life-affirming is "living and staying" in pleasure, but life-blocking is the adoption of the conceptual calculations of the text to substantiate and explain one's own experience and one's own life circumstances.

Based on the above, we can give the following advice: you need to look into all the texts, mark, but not deny the incomprehensible, in order to return to them later, but read those that evoke a premonition of something interesting, something unusual and exciting. Such a state greatly "facilitates" the penetration into the essence of the New and, in addition, will form the vitally necessary ....
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