IHHRC mission is to unite world professionals, practices and methods for human health research, creating environment for better life.
IHHRC is an authorized representative of global organizations, which are members of the TAO Federation Union.
Since 1992, IHHRC performs management and control functions, creating cooperation between healing specialists, practitioners and professionals. We organize learnings and seminars, live events and teachings, experience exchange events for experts in human health research.
30+ organizations

Global organizations, that are members of TAO federation have delegated us rights to represent interests and knowledge globally
100+ experts

Our team includes experts from different schools, religions and doctrines. We create cooperation for human growth and wellbeing
20 000+ members

Our unique members are all extraordinary and open-minded people, that are united globally in one complete ecosystem
30 years and more

We have extensive experience more than 30 years in providing background for experts and participants development
Honorable global organizations members
IHHRC covers wide range of studies and practices for individuals
Healing methods
Your mind and body has potential to heal itself using the basic methods and natural techniques. We research and discover new methods and create background for people, to use them on daily basis. Come and visit our center to find more.
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TAO practices
Practices are the vitally important part of our members life. We use healing, yoga, reiki, ayurvedic, meditation and other practices. All this create a powerful interplay between members, to forge a unity of body-mind-spirt.
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Education center
IHHRC members and experts implement modern and professionals methods, while creating learning environment to support and develop individuals in gaining inner peace, clear mind and healthy body.
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Engagement and interaction of theory and practice is performed using professional equipment, hardware and tools, combined with deep understanding of human body and mind.

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We participate and organize seminars, practices, regular member meetings. We give you time-proven theoretical and practical experience by managing online learning centers and offline retreats. You can be as different as you want - everyone is welcome and accepted. Join our global community and get a real benefits learning from the best. IHHRC loves and supports everyone globally, no matter what school/directions or teaching methods you follow - we help you on this path.
Member collaboration portal
IHHRC connects professionals and enthusiasts on a way to discovering inner resources and potential
Access to educational materials, articles, lectures, live recording from seminars and global events. Share your knowledge and communicate, write and post articles and research papers, share videos, photos, get new ideas, get subscription to our internal social channels and become and expert in your field.
3 simple steps of becoming IHHRC member
Experience in human health
Everyone has life experience. Everyone has their own knowledge in human health. Before coming to us it is important to identify your strong and weak points, so we can work on them
Defining your strong points
There is a lot of schools and practices in the world - trusted and not so much. Before going deeper, everyone gets full picture of personality, composed by our organization experts.
Express diagnostics
Before starting your eternal journey, you must visit our center and perform express diagnostics. This is crucial before any practices and learnings to have smooth and correct changes.
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30 Geneva, Switzerland
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